Dr. Jim Durnin may recommend an oral surgery procedure if more conservative treatments are unable to fully restore your oral health and function. There are several types of oral surgery which may be recommended based on your individual needs, and our dentist will carefully evaluate your mouth to determine which type of treatment will provide you with the best results. Call Hidden Springs Family Dentistry at 503-699-5900 to schedule your consultation and learn more about oral surgery in West Linn, Oregon.

Oral surgery encompasses a wide array of more intensive dental treatments. The goal of every kind of oral surgery treatment is the same though: to improve your oral health. This can be accomplished by boosting the function or appearance of your smile, modifying the surrounding structures of your mouth to work more effectively, or correct conditions of the jaw and mouth. Oral surgery can include:

  • Tooth extraction to remove decayed or infected teeth that cannot be treated otherwise
  • The placing of dental implants to restore missing or heavily damaged teeth
  • Jaw surgery to support TMJ treatment, realign a bite or improve denture fit
  • Connective tissue graft to cover tooth roots after gum recession

Our dentist will work with you to determine which oral surgery treatment is right for your oral health, and our team is happy to work with other dental professionals and hospital teams to make sure that the care you receive is the best it can be. Contact our team today to learn more about oral surgery and get started on your treatment today!