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Teeth Whitening

Close up comparison of before and after teeth whitening treatment on a Black man's smile. Dental discoloration affects millions of people to various degrees. Even individuals who brush, floss, and go to the dentist on a regular basis may notice that food, environmental circumstances, and the passage of time have a negative impact on the natural brightness of teeth. Professional teeth whitening is a highly efficient technique to lessen or completely remove stains and create a naturally white smile. If you wish to learn more about this process and its variations, here at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry we are glad to answer your inquiries.

Is Teeth Whitening Dangerous?

There are relatively few long-term hazards associated with teeth whitening. However, if you are thinking about utilizing teeth whitening treatments, whether professional or over the counter, it is important to discuss it with our team first. We can take efforts to limit potential harm by evaluating pre-existing problems and your dental health history.

The opinion of other people of you, as well as your own self-esteem, can be positively influenced by your whiter smile. The procedure is designed to enhance your natural attractiveness and facial characteristics. You may be more inclined to smile and laugh in public if your teeth are whiter.

What is At-Home Teeth Whitening?

The results of over-the-counter whitening treatments are not as dramatic as those of a professional whitening. However, this is an affordable option that can result in an excellent investment in your smile.

Another alternative for brightening your smile is to use take-home teeth whitening treatments. Because it is usually done under the guidance of our team, this type of whitening therapy is both safe and effective.

How Does Home Teeth Whitening Work?

This procedure delivers whitening gel to your smile using custom-made trays. These trays will fit nicely in your mouth. This gel will have a lower peroxide content than the regular treatment. As a result, even without thorough dental supervision, the treatment will pose little danger of gum irritation. Depending on our recommendations and the whitening technique you select, you will wear the trays for several hours each day. You may also choose to whiten your teeth overnight if it is more comfortable for you.

How to Take Care of Teeth After Whitening

Although the benefits of professional teeth whitening might be immediate, stains may return months or years later. Because the procedure does not make your teeth immune against staining, it is possible that you may need to have regular whitening treatments to keep the results you want. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your smile white and the effects of your procedure lasting longer. You may need to avoid some bad habits like smoking and start replacing them with good oral hygiene habits instead.

The outcome is determined by your oral health and the therapy you select. The great majority of patients, on the other hand, are pleased with the results of their whitening procedure. The therapy is easy and non-invasive, and side effects are infrequent and minor. After undergoing a professional whitening procedure, you may notice a significant improvement in your smile, as well as an increase in your self-esteem.

If are interested in professional teeth whitening, come with us at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry, where we can help you get the smile you deserve. Please contact us at (971) 414-3994 to book your first consultation today.
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